Problemas con el curso


a partir de EL ESTUDIANTE SE VUELVE PROFESOR, el curso no me anda, la pantalla se queda cargando para siempre y no se puede avanzar, alguien sabe como se puede solucionar esto?

muchas gracias

La pagina del curso de python en español no funciona

Link to exercise, please. Thanks.


sorry, here


The course may be getting sunsetted. Will invite someone from Programs to advise…


thank you very much!


If you haven’t done it already, try the English Python track. It is fairly stable with only a couple of minor bugs.


Yep this course is getting sunsetted – you can tell as it’s in our old learning environment style not our new one and it’s not accessible from our homepage at

Using the new Python course as linked to here is your best bet.


El curso en español de python no va a funcionar mas?


Nope, it’s a done deal.