Problem with trees and graphs exam 2

I posted a problem i ran into with this test. I saw somebody else post the same problem a couple weeks ago, and somebody else also responded to my post saying they ran into the same thing.

The posts were both flagged by community and closed, nobody reached out at all to help with the issue.

Is there somebody i can talk to about this? It feels like there is a problem with this exam, and I ran into several issues with this whole course in terms of the exercises not accepting my code due to very specific syntax that i wasn’t including, although it was never specifically stated and the syntax i entered was essentially the same thing.

The problem with the exam is the same, it requires extremely specific syntax and i have no idea what that exact syntax is, even though I can demonstrate that I understand the concepts.

Who can i talk to about this so i can proceed?

Did you contact customer support?

We cannot answer or help with exam questions b/c they’re exams and that goes against the integrity policy here.

No, I will try that. Thank you.

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