Problem with text-decoration


I've been having this problem with several other exercises as well. Basically, I'll put in my code and the results will show up correctly in the result view but when I click save and submit it says "Did you remember to set your a:link to have a text-decoration of none?"

a:link {
    text-decoration: none;
    color: #008B45;
a:hover {
    color: #00FF00;
a:visited {
    color: #EE9A00


What browser are you using? Chrome has trouble with text-decoration of late, use FF or IE, if problems persist, post your html code


Firefox doesn't work either from my experience. I have been having to skip all of the lessons that have anything to do with: "set text-decoration to none."


That is very unlikely, make a new topic include your html and css code, so i can have a look


I tried it yesterday on the newest version of Firefox.


Maybe you did make a small mistake somehwere? Please go here, make a new topic, fill in the template, so we have all the details needed to help you


No, I copied and pasted code from one of the forum answers and got the same result.


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