Problem with Syntax, please help


Hello~! I kept getting "Oops, try again. There was a problem with your syntax."

I have searched through others posts and can't see where my code is wrong.

I have tried it changing the spacing and have also left off the semi-colon after the curly bracket. I also tried a few different variations of the return equation.

Thanks !!

var perimeterBox = function(length, width) {
    return 2*(length + width);
 perimeterBox(4, 8);


Hi try to refresh the page I just ran it and it work


Hi, thanks for running it. I hit refresh a few times and still the syntax error, not sure why it works for others and not me ... guess I will have to contact someone. Thanks~!!


Or try to change browser.


Thanks. tried that too, still not working. Was on Chrome, tried it on Firefox.


Can you post a screenshot, too make sure you're doing everything right?


So, I went to take a screen shot, hit the Save and Submit and it actually worked this time ..... I swear I didn't change the code at all .... guess my computer is haunted .. haha. Thanks for the help :).