Problem with Swinging from branch to branch ! What can i do?



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I think it is better, if one understands the concept.

It all start’s with you,
using a Browser
in which you load a HTML-file,
which we will call the HTML-Document.

This document has a minimal build of

<!DOCTYPE html>
          <title> </title>
       <!-- here you insert your HTML-code -->

The Browser =load’s= this document into Memory
in a pattern that is described as
the Document Object Model
in short the DOM.
( the interpretation of the DOM is Browser & Version specific )

       |            |
     head          body

In the description of your document in DOM-talk…
you will encounter terms like:
parent children sibling descendants ascendants…

The HTML-Element has no parent
but is a parent to 2 child-Element’s
the ‘head’-Element
the ‘body’-Element.

The ‘head’- and ‘body’-Element,
both being children to the ‘html’-Element
are siblings to each-other.

The ‘head’-Element is parent to the ‘title’-Element…
the ‘title’-Element is a child of the ‘head’-Element
the ‘title’-Element is also a descendant of the ‘html’-Element.


The lesson

The index.html document is loaded into your Browser following the rules of the DOM
Making a diagram

    |              | 
   head           body
     |             |
 +--+--+      +----+------+
 |     |      |           |
link title    a           ul
                      |       |   |
                     li      li  li
                      |       |   |
                      a       a   a 


a { property; } you would select all four a-Tag Elements

body a { property;} you will select all a-Tags which are descendants of the body-Tag ( all 4 a-Tags)

body>a { property;} you will select the a-Tag which is a direct descendant of the body-Tag ( 1 a-Tag) ( this a-Tag is also called, a child of the body-Tag )

body ul li a { property;}** you will select 3 a-Tags
ul li a { property;}** you will select 3 a-Tags
li a { property;}** you will select 3 a-Tags
ul>a { property;}** you will select NONE, as the ul-Tag only has 3 children which are li-Tags

So now choose the right css selector as is asked for in the exercisa



distinction between :
a { property; }
body a { property;}
body>a { property;} is a great lesson, but it’s not the only issue : see this screenshot

Whenever the editor is clear (with no code in css) the error is the same :frowning:

And I’m stuck.



This text-decoration: none;
business seems to have been and still is a Browser & version specific problem.

With IE there were no problems… other then shading…

Have a google search
text-decoration none pass
and you’'ll you will see a long history

The last i came across was
Error occurring...did you remeber to set the text-decoration:none; where is the problem code enclosed below
were it seems you can conclude
You have to use Firefox, Internet explorer or Edge

Creo que hay un error con text-decoration en el curso de css

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