Problem with submit & save on size & borders


Oops, try again. Did you remember to give your image a 1px solid #4682b4 border?

border: 1px solid #4682B4;


given you read different topics did you:

  • check your browser zoom
  • tried a different browser

can we see your full code? Both html and css, syntax mistakes can still be made

@annemvelez, patient please. Its a forum, getting help might take a while. Spamming other topics is not really polite (given all the people who get notifications)


I appreciate the help and I understand things take time. I do not understand what you mean by spamming other topics. I am trying to see if others have had the same problem and how they resolved the issue while I wait for a response.

Yes I did try Ctrl +0.

I did try opening a new browser and the problem has resolved itself.


Spamming might not have been the right word, but you made a topic and you should just wait till you get help. There was no need to revive old topics, and giving all those people notifications.

Its very unlikely you get a response from a 10 month old topic. And your issue might be different from theirs.

Good to hear that the issue is resolved :slight_smile:


I don't quite understand how your help system works. I typed in the topic I was having difficulty with and when I finished I was linked to previous posts others had made. I opened their posts and looked at how they handled the situation. I don't understand. Did opening previous posts generate notifications for others? If it did then it might be better to disable that feature so future coders can look at previous comments made by others.
I only commented on one post and I believe it would be up to that person to decide whether or not they would like to respond.
I was able to fix my issue because it was exactly the same problem multiple other people had already experienced.
I don't think I would have been able to figure it out on my own if I hadn't looked at what other people had tried.


You can perfectly fine look at other topics, but if you make a reply to the topic, everyone in the topic will get a notifications. That is why at certain point we started closing topic, so they can be read, but not replied to.

Then after reading you can make a new topic for any remaining questions you have


It seems that problem is with zoom, but zoom of 100% probably won't help. Try to change zoom values, for every value try to submit code. For me, zoom of 80% worked in Firefox and in Chrome, too.

Same thing for 26. lesson.


That was really helpful. I might have gone crazy with this one. It also helped me to realize that "Ctrl + 0" wasn't working because my default setting is 125%.


Thank you very much! For me 50% worked.