Problem with raw_input in Python courses

Hello everyone,

every time I have “raw_input” in my code, meaning I would have to type something in, I can’t run my code. The run button is just busy for a while and after some time the instructions show me, that my code is faulty, while it is really correct. I had this with every lesson, where there was a “raw_input” inside of it.
I tried it out with Chrome and Firefox. Both had the same problem. Any solution to this?

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Hi !

Same problem for me, i delete the last “clinic()” to validate the exercice but the raw_input doesn’t work anymore

Hello @smokey_bud, @mars6259,

It appears that many of our users are experiencing this issue. We are looking into it.
Thank you for your patience. :slight_smile:


You need to delet the “clinic()” on line 11.