Problem with Question 11....cant we take image from desktop or otherwebsite

<!DOCTYPE html>
		<img src="C:\Users\vivekuop\Desktop\individual\COD IMAGES/45.jpg" />

Yes you can use an image from another website
<img src="http://www.addinyourimgurl.png" />

between the " " is where you put in your image URL
If you want to use an image from your desktop you will need to upload it to a website (to get a live URL), cos normally if you want to use your own image on your website you just need to make sure the image is in the same folder as the website files (or sub folder)

I cannot see your code pls paste it in using this format:

from other websites is possible, just make sure you copy the image location/source. The url should end with a image file extension.

Be glad you can’t use images from your computer directly, if you could, you would have a huge security hole. Upload them like zainabrawat suggest (dropbox, google drive)