Problem with prompt


I am learning JS from codecadmey and have problem at 2% with prompt section the Instruction say that
"Use the prompt command to ask the user where they are from. Check out the examples above for how to do this!"
and in the script.js workspace I write
prompt("Where are you from?");
The console shows "null" as result and a fault message appears saying
"Oops, try again. Something went wrong with your prompt. Check the Hint if you need help!"
Please help me
Thanx in Advance


you're code seems to be fine, but you may need to just refresh the browser and resubmit it.
Pro tip: You may want to use the triple tick marks () to show what exactly you typed in the code when posting on this because it makes it easier to see what exactly you typed. Hope this helps!


your code* sorry for the little grammar mistake


I refreshed it tons of time . I didn't work


Please create a +New Topic with in your code, error and lesson


i have same problem with prompt

it's a mistake, hope that developers will do that right


I find own mistake.

I turn of a implementation of the code in browser settings xD

When i turn on it, code prompt was accepted


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