Problem with print () function

I got a problem coding on


I just can’t use the print() function don’t know why can somebody give me a hand on this ?

here’s a photo with the example

Hi @enriqueexequielbravo

The image that you’ve linked to doesn’t appear to be working.

If it’s easier, you can paste screenshots directly into the forum post editor to upload them straight in to Discourse (the software which runs the forums here). :slight_smile:

Alternatively, if you’re getting an error if you copy and paste the Traceback that you’re getting from Python we might be able to help. :slight_smile:

when getting an error like this, also check the line above the error line

make sure that you closed all your parentheses property.

@thepitycoder, here is the picture:


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Here is the image sorry about that

Another thing you can do with syntax error is to remove things until it goes away. It either allows you to look at fewer things, or you’ll find that it was something you removed once it starts running again.
(obviously you’d still keep a copy of what you currently have)

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