Problem with Objective - "Magic Eight Ball"

Hello guys!

I’ve been advancing with my JavaScript basic course, but here I am, stucked in one particular project which I can’t solve. The problem itself relapses in that I want to do the same code in “else-if” clasue as I did correctly in “switches” (in which one I did not have problems at all to find the right solution).

I want to know if you guys could help me or guide me finding my mistake. Here is the code:

let userName =‘Albes’;
userName ? console.log(Hello, ${userName}!) : console.log (‘Hello!’);

let userQuestion = “Will I win the lottery soon?”;

console.log(${userName} has asked - ${userQuestion});

let randomNumber = Math.floor(Math.random() * 8);

let eightBall = ‘’;

if (randomNumber === 0) {
} else if (eightBall === 0) {
console.log(‘It is certain’);
} else if (eightBall === 1) {
console.log(‘It is decidedly so’);
} else if (eightBall === 2) {
console.log(‘Reply hazy try again’);
} else if (eightBall === 3) {
console.log(‘Cannot predict now’);
} else if (eightBall === 4) {
console.log(‘Do not count on it’);
} else if (eightBall === 5) {
console.log(‘My sources say no’);
} else if (eightBall === 6) {
console.log(‘Outlook not so good’);
} else if (eightBall === 7) {
console.log(‘Signs point to yes’);

console.log(Magic Eight Ball’s says, ${eightBall});

**** At the end, it prints this following code:

Hello, Albes!
Albes has asked - Will I win the lottery soon?
Magic Eight Ball’s says,

After the says, on my “switch” code it runs perfectly, obtaining the different results randomly. But I can’t find the error on my “else-if”.

Thanks guys!!!

As per your code, randomNumber is a random number between 0 and 7 (inclusive).

You have initialized eightBall as the empty string.

In your else if conditions, you are checking eightBall (an empty string) against the numbers 0 to 7. Since none of the conditions evaluates as true, so the original value of eightBall (empty string) remains unchanged which is then printed by the console.log statement at the end.

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The following should work:

let userName ="Albes";
userName ? console.log(`Hello, ${userName}!`) : console.log ("Hello!");

let userQuestion = "Will I win the lottery soon?";

console.log(`${userName} has asked - ${userQuestion}`);

let randomNumber = Math.floor(Math.random() * 8);

let eightBall = "";

if (randomNumber === 0) {
    eightBall = "It is certain";
} else if (randomNumber === 1) {
    eightBall = "It is decidedly so";
} else if (randomNumber === 2) {
    eightBall = "Reply hazy try again";
} else if (randomNumber === 3) {
    eightBall = "Cannot predict now";
} else if (randomNumber === 4) {
    eightBall = "Do not count on it";
} else if (randomNumber === 5) {
    eightBall = "My sources say no";
} else if (randomNumber === 6) {
    eightBall = "Outlook not so good";
} else if (randomNumber === 7) {
    eightBall = "Signs point to yes";

console.log(`Magic Eight Ball"s says, ${eightBall}`);

Thanks my man! I solved it by myself but I just saw this and it is pretty good explained if anyone want to check it out!

Appreciate the effort :slight_smile: