Problem with my results


Hi everyone
I'm now in the practice makes it perfect session and almost everytime I try a code for the exercise wich seems to work in the small second screen but I still get an error message.
I sometimes don't get why it doesn't work because many times it told me "your function didn't work on ****" but when I try to do it on the exact same exemple it works and the results expected appear on the screen.
I just wanted to ask when the programm decided it was wrong : is it when the code really doesn't work or just when it's not the same as the one expected

<img src="//" width="690" height="388">
here is a picture of one example because I tried on the one they were telling me and it perfectly worked

Could you just help me understand the logic because I never know what's wrong and if my code is wrong in the picture can you tell me why ?



Please give a link to your exercise and post your code.


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