Problem with javascript Looping lesson

I am currently learning javascript and I am learning loops. The particular part of a lesson doesnt work. I tried switching browsers it doesnt work, the problem is that it freezes when I try to code and on the other browser I can code but when I hit run it loads forever,
Can someone please try with this link so I know if its me or website. And I tried switching pc.

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sounds like an infinity loop, can you copy paste your code to the forum? The link is useful, but checks for logged in user and then loads that user code (clicking on that link, for me, will load my progress of that exercise)

Do you mean the code I have written on the right side?

The code you have written in main.js, please copy paste it to the forum so we can see it.

for (let counter = 3; counter >= 0 ; counter--){



Looks fine? I also pass the lesson with your code.

you could copy your code, reset the lesson (button to the right of the run button), then paste your code and try again. Sometimes that helps

Thanks! It worked. Now I can continue.

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