Problem with if-else statement


I'm having a similar problem too!!
I'm trying to write an if /else statement. I've tried a couple of times, comparing mine to albionsrefuge and even the JavaScript glossary but I still seem to be missing something in my code. Getting a lot of Syntax error.
Here it is...........
// Not sure where to begin? Check the Hint!
if ("Alex started before 3pm"){
console.log("Alex finished first!");
else if{ ("Alex started after 3pm")
console.log("I finished my first course!");

Open to any pointers!! Thanx

If/else statements are the bane of my existance!

In JavaScript, a string expression is cast as true in a conditional if it is not an empty string.

Supply an expression that may be either true or false so the expression is conditional.


if (100 < 10 * 10) {

else if (100 > 10 * 10) {

} else {
    console.log("I' finished my first course!";


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