Problem with HTML lesson 10 of 14

“Did you open the <a> tag before Introduction and close it after Introduction?” Got this error but not sure what I did wrong. Here is link to my work.


Here is part of my code. I bolded where they say the problem is.

Brown Bears
  ***<li><a href="#Introduction">Introduction</a></li>***
  <li><a href="#Habitat">Habitat</a></li>
  <li><a href="#Media">Media</a></li>
<div id="Introduction">
  <h2>About Brown Bears</h2>
    <li>Nelsoni (extinct)</li>
<div id="Habitat">
  <h3>Countries with Large Brown Bear Populations</h3>
    <li>United States</li>
  <h3>Countries with Small Brown Bear Populations</h3>

<div id="Media">

H there,

So, the courses are very picky. Notice that step two says this:

Wrap the text of each list item in the unordered list in an anchor element. Each anchor tag should link to the corresponding <div> on the page (The <a> element that contains the text “Introduction” links to #introduction ).

In your own code, you have #Introduction instead of #introduction. Try changing the capitalization and see if that works!


Thank you so much that worked. Marked your reply as solution.

David Carrick


I came here for the exact same question, thank you kirativewd!

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