Problem with gets.chomp!


hi there,
I'm having a serious problem with gets.chomp. When ever I assign some code like

user_name = gets.chomp

my code doesn't work. I'm totally stuck at "thith meanth war!". Any solution?


When this line runs you will need to input something at the prompt in the console.


Thanks Roy for your kind reply.
There comes the problem. It does take any input. Seems like it freezes. I even tried different browsers to check if that was a problem from my browser. But no, same thing happened for all of the browsers. I guess there might be a technical problem.


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Please post a link to the exercise you are on. Thanks.


here is the link
thank you


Didn't freeze for me.

print "Your input would be appreciated!"
user_input = gets.chomp #.downcase!
if user_input.include? "s"
  user_input.gsub!(/s/, "th")
  puts "Your string: #{user_input}"
  puts "Yes, there are no 's's"


thanks a lot Roy. This time it ran correctly.


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