Problem with font size @CSS Overview


It won´t let me move on.. It says its only 16px instead of 44px.... I tried ctrl-0

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <link type="text/ccs" rel="stylesheet" href="stylesheet.ccs"/>
        <p>I want to be SIZE 44 font!</p>


16px is the default font-size of a paragraph, so it isn't changing. Where is your css code where you try to make your paragraph have a font-size of 44px?



that is your html code, what is in the stylesheet.css tab/file?



oops, i missed it. Your href attribute has a value of stylesheet.ccs, it should be stylesheet.css. In case you don't see the difference. ccs contains two c, where css contains two s (with two sses (css) is correc)

Sorry it took so long, hope it does the trick :slight_smile:


Haha! No worries. It worked! Awesome! Thank you so much!