Problem with exercise - Nested Elements


Problem with exercise 13 CSS SETUP AND SELECTORS Nested Elements


What I am doing wrong?


.Top-Attractions li{
  color: teal;

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What are the instructions on the exercise?

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i have the same problem here


In index.html, each destination has a description paragraph below it. Inside each description, there’s a list of attractions. Let’s select the Top Attractions element and make it stand out more by making it teal.

Navigate to style.css. Add a selector that targets all of the h5 elements nested inside elements with class .description.


Please remember to post a link to the exercise so we can navigate to it. Thanks.



Notice there are a number of sections, each with a destination and description. The description is the parent and contains a heading,

<h5>Top Attractions</h5>

To select all the headings, we use a descendant selector…

.description h5 {



ouff enfin thanks a lot


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Just to note @arcrunner40630
h5.description would select all h5 headings with class="description" check out this link to css diner an intense game to practice writing out many css selectors


Great share on the CSS diner @tommygebru, sooo cute! Do you have more of those?

Like it so much. Thanks for the good find! :medal_military: :raised_hands: :smiley:


Thanks …for solution::smile::smile:


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