Problem with exercise[Loading&CSS page]


Hello guys!
I have a problem with one exercise at HTML&CSS course.
If I open it directly from the “CSS: An Overview” tab this is what is heppening:
But if I go to the previous task and then proceed to this,here is what the stylesheet.css file look like:
It’s the same as the HTML file! www[dot]prnt[dot]sc/akol55 (replace [dot] with “.” because I am new user…)
So I can’t proceed with this exercise because I don’t know want the .css file contains!
What’s more if I press Submit&Save button it does nothing!
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:



Try resetting the exercise …
There’s a reset button at the bottom

Or try logout/ login


I have tried it.Nothing.
I forgot to tell you that I can’t select or write anything in CSS file.



First of all, you should be setting the style of each elements/class/id in stylesheet.css so remove the style attribute in your index.html

Second, you just copied the code from index.html inside stylesheet.css and because it is a different language, it won’t work!

You are supposed to set the style of each element in stylesheet.css

Remember CSS syntax looks like this:

selector {
property: value;


Hello! I know how it works! :stuck_out_tongue: I didn’t copied anything and pasting it in the css file!
Whatever I write in the HTML file it is automatically written in CSS file as well.
I can’t write something separately in CSS file.Nor delete something!!



This is weird… I don’t know what’s wrong with it. It might be a bug. Try refreshing the webpage. Contact me if the problem is not fixed.


You might want to refresh the page/restart the browser


maybe reset your cache?


I have the problem since Friday,I think.I haven’t completed any other exercises since then.
I have tried loging out,restarting the webpage,the browser etc…I will try what gmunker said and I will be back in a minute.


Try a different browser altogether.


Well I tried what gmunker said and it worked :smiley: :smiley:
Anyway,thank you all for your help!