Problem with directions and hints

I’m finding it a little frustrating to do these projects because the directions and hints do not go along with the code that is used for the actual “reference” page.

For example: On the Junction project the directions say “In the header, add this logo and add four list items:…”

However nowhere in the hint, or directions does it say you need to re-size the logo when you will definitely need to. Or what color you need to change the list item text to. This may be intentional as to not “hold the coders hand” too much, but it’s just annoying with vague directions when I’m trying to get my page to look exactly like the one mentioned. Having to hunt through the developer tools to find how they set up the classes or what fonts they used or what padding was used gets a little annoying when the pages are set up in one big line of code. Am I missing something, or is there a better reference for the actual code that was used or anything like that? Thanks!

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Hi Cody,

I’ve looked for one myself, but I don’t think so :confused:

You mean the color when you hover over the elements? It’s the same color as the button you make in Step 5 (they provide the color)

Sounds like you’re viewing the source, not using developer tools. Developer tools open up when you press Ctrl + Shift + C on PC (Cmd + Shift + C on Mac).

I recommend often looking at the default code the projects comes with - it will provide clues as to how things should be done.

This is very frustrating. Rather than having built in hints like the lessons, I have to search for them. I spent most of my day on looking things up but spending the most time trying to figure out how to apply the reference to the problem I was trying to solve (Innovation Cloud Background, making the image scale exactly like the example).

My other option was to ping and adviser, so I did and timed it.15 minutes later, I got the answer that could have been so very easily provided in the directions like all of the lessons I did in HTML/CSS. Not everyone wants to have to talk to someone, it’s the whole reason even has a market. In my opinion, removing the hints is a terrible idea that just wastes lots of time.

I don’t learn better or faster because you make me go outside of your ecosystem to get the answer (or in this case, not, because applying that information didn’t actually make it work like the provided example). It only causes frustration and makes me wonder why I am paying $20 per month for it if all of the answers lay elsewhere.

I was totally happy up until I got into these projects. All of the sudden, I was learning less per hour and becoming more and more frustrated because it made getting to the answer and learning what the solution was much harder. After all, we’re only just getting started, so what’s the rush to make it harder to get help?

Sorry to be blunt, but telling me I can Google it or look at the dev tools devalues what you offer.