Problem with copying and pasting typography

Hello everyone. I have a project on typography. Instead of using a link to put the font. The project asked me to use font-face property in css so that I can easily have more access to the font. I saw the url and I want ahead and tried to copy and paste it. It didn’t work. I was shock because that didn’t make sense to copy every symbol and word. My question is can I am not copy and paste on codecademy. Also I watched the video and it said to copy and paste.

Hi, can you link to the problem you’re talking about?

Sure I will be doing that. Here is the link to what I mean. Before I put the link. I am referring to number 7 on the steps. I read all the directions first and decided I wouldn’t waste my time doing the other steps if it would be deleted.
Okay the link is here now:

Try this