Problem with CodeAcademy

How do I fix this?
It isn’t loading.

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Hey there,

Yeah, this happens sometimes. Usually, one of the following fixes it:

  • Refresh the page
  • Leave the course and come back to it
  • Restart the web browser
  • Log out of Codecademy and back in
  • Try using another web browser

Let me know if any of those work? Thanks


I tried it in another browser and it works I saw connected popup. but when I use chrome it doesnt show connected and just keeps loading.


Hi guys,

I have the same problem and I’ve tried every thing I could.
Changed course even those course I have finished no problem recently.
Changed browser, refreshed, logged out, restarted the computer everything.
In F12 mode I found this error.
Fail to load response data

Anyone else have the same problem? Is there anything wrong in the server or is it only my problem?
Thanks for reading and support!

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The LE is currently working fine for me.

Usually this kind of problem is not on the server side.
I would recomend reading through the troubleshooting guides:


Thank you for your support.
Unfortunately I could not fix the problem with all the instruction given in Support an Help Center.
I tried it with Chrome, FireFox and Edge. All 3 browser gave the same result which the LE could not load.
I cleared all cookies, cache, history and restarted my computer as well.
In FireFox and Edge with F12 mode Network tab I found 503 Service Unavailable error.
I wonder if the server I connected to have overload problem or is there anything else I could try to fix my own situation.
I reinstalled my browser but it doesn’t help either.
By the way I found that I could not access this page anyway
I’m trying to fix my proxy setting but I haven’t succeeded yet.

mine has been down for the past two days, i have seen other users reporting this as well!


I found that this sever is detected as malicious since Aug 12th. I also could not connect since then.
I could not do anything with the firewall of my network. May be I have to contact the admin of my network.

Free Automated Malware Analysis Service - powered by Falcon … › submissions › sandbox › urls › s…

Timestamp: August 12th 2020 03:39:54 (UTC); Input: http:// .com/; Threat level: ambiguous; Summary: AV Detection

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