Problem with changing CSS color?


Hi, I have been having difficulty with changing the CSS colour for one of the h3 titles for this question, is there anyone out there that can help me with this? Thank you for your time and patience.

selector {
color: red
} What's CSS for?

CSS is for styling HTML pages!

It makes webpages look really rad.

		color: red;

		    }What do I think of it?</h3>
		<p>It's awesome!</p>


Please re-format your code so we can read it


This is going to sound like a stupid question, I am still a newbie here. How do I re-format it?


select you code, and press ctrl + k or press the button which looks like this: </>

make sure there is a empty line above and below the code


I tried to do it again, I don't know if it's right? Probably not?


still no good, what is css and what is html?

i am working on making a bunch of images, but i have to use gimp, which takes some time.

i see this bit:

selector { 
  color: red;

selector is just a placeholder word for a actual selector (if it is actually exercise 2/26) you need to make teh paragraph red. use correct css selector


This is the question I am stuck on.

Make all the h3 headings red.
Set all the paragraphs to the Courier font-family. (Make sure to capitalize "Courier" as shown!)
The second paragraph contains text between tags. Set the background-color of that to 'yellow'. (See the Hint for help!)


Make sure you are in the stylesheet.css tab and not the index.html tab.
This is the code for this question: