Problem with Broadway Video in Build a Website Skill Path

Hello. I’m doing the Broadway project in the Build a Website skill path. (link to project)
In the video below, (the time in the video is already set with the link) the instructor makes the width of 40px in step 4. Was this on purpose? In the instructions, it says to make the width of nav li 80px. I’m confused. Can I get some help here?

Codecademy Video Link



It looks like it was a simple mistake that won’t break anything. You can see the text of the task requested 80 in the video too, but they wrote 40.

You can use either value. I suggest you try both out and see which one you prefer. The 40px option may feel a little cramped, but maybe you won’t like the spacing of 80px. Maybe you prefer a happy medium of 60px. You should feel free to experiment while completing these projects.

Okay, thanks @selectall!