Problem with a variable

I’m not sure what the error is here (see screenshot, which belongs to this project Would you pleaseeee help?

First, and most important, never-forget, lesson: Read the error message.

It directs you to line 19, which you omitted in your screenshot. But, luckily, the line is quoted, right there:

customer_one_total = lovely_seat_price

… and you are informed that there is a NameError: name ‘lovely_seat_price’ is not defined.

Now. Look. Do you see anywhere where the name, lovely_seat_price is defined??? Look again.

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Isn’t it lovely_seat_price = 254.00 ? I checked with the Help video and the guy entered the same line.

is it …seat_price, or …loveseat_price???

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Sorry, it was a typo. It’s lovely_loveseat_price. I’m still clueless.

LOL :slight_smile: I saw it. Thanks!