Problem with a paragraph

i have a problem with the paragraphs. it say me that it is empty, but my code say different:

<!DOCTYPE html>
		<title>L'umano inatteso</title>
	<img src="">
	<li> <strong style="font-family: Arial">Age </strong>: 23 </li>
	<li> <strong style="font-family:Arial">Gender</strong>: Male </li>
	<li> <strong style="font-family:Arial">Hometown </strong>: Pinerolo </li>
	<li> <strong style="font-family:Arial">Address </strong>: via Torrente Lemina 13/c> </li>
	<li> <strong style="font-family:Arial"> CAP</strong>: 10064 </li>
	<li> <strong style="font-family: Arial"> Country </strong>: Italy </li>
	<li> <strong style="font-family: Arial"> Work Location </strong>: Pinerolo </li>
	<li> <strong style="font-family: Arial"> School's city </strong>: Pinerolo </li>
	<p>	<h1> My little story</h1>
	la stjbedfrbevybrbvwabbdcbdhbchdsbchbsch.</p>
<p>	<h2> My interest</h2>
	<h2> My travels </h2>

You don’t Need to put Everything in paragraphs, delete the paragraps, I think that Will work.

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