Problem Trying to Run Jupyter Notebook on Terminal

Hello. I am trying to start working on the Abruptly Goblins off platform project of the Learn Python 3 course .

I followed the instructions for installing Python 3, pip and Jupyter Networks ( It appears I successfully installed all of them. My Mac OS terminal says I have Python 3.8.0 and pip 19.3.1.

However, when I type “jupyter notebook” on my terminal in order to run it, I get a message saying “jupyter: command not found”.

I can’t figure out why I can’t run Juypter Notebook, and would appreciate any help you can offer me. Thank you.


That comes from examining why you would be able to.
Why would you?

If you have an executable file, then you can execute it by typing its file path in a terminal.

There also exists a variable $PATH listing directories that will be searched if you only type a base name for a file

So where did you put it? That’d be something you’d tell by considering how you installed it, that’s the action that placed the file somewhere, right. You could also search your file system for a file of that name.

Some python modules are also executable, so if you installed it in such a way that python can import it, then you can also tell python to run the module.

(also, google, other people have installed this program before)