Problem Submitting Complete Challenge On Mobile Phone

Dear Codecademy Community

I have only just had the chance to try and resolve a problem I have been having for a while with my “CodeCademy Phone App”.

I seem to have complete a course but when I try to submit, the item won’t send.

I am writing to your now via my phone browser.

The other issue I have noticed, is my phone account differs from my PC.
Shouldn’t my account sync.
If not, please could someone let me know.

I look forward go your replies.

From Mobile App

Dear stetim94

I understand that editing was made to my post, but am not sure what has been changed.

Am not sure if it was to do with the email address, which I forgot to remove, but I was left choice-less in creating the image, but I admit that I should of edited the image.

Am sorry that I entered the post on two separate subjects, but I was speculating that the subjects were connected.

I just found this link, in looking for “CodeCademy Mobile”, via my desktop and understand why my request may be on a bit of a back burner a while. :scream:

Your post was moved from the forum for the HTML Basics course to the forum for platform problems.

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