Problem on 3.Ordered lists


Every time I press save and submit code, the pop says Oops, try again,make sure you add your second ordered list. It looks like this:


difficult to tell from a image, could you post your code? It seems your second <ol></ol> aren't the letters o and l, but rather o and 1 (that is number one)


Here you go @stetim94:

<!DOCTYPE html>
        <h1>List of my favorite things</h1>
            <li>Raindrops on roses</li>
            <li>Whiskers on kittens</li>
            <li>Bright copper kettles</li>
            <li>Warm woolen mittens</li>
        <h2> List of things I find just OK. </h2>
	        <li>Cold pizza</li>
	        <li>Making lists</li>
	        <li>Warm tea</li>

I think the problem is here:

<h2> List of things I find just OK. </h2>
    ^                             ^^
    1                             23

The exercise asks you to set this header's text to 'List of things I find just OK', but you put a space before and after this sentence (see arrows 1 & 3), and put a full stop after 'OK' (see arrow 2).
Change this and it should work.

Anything I missed, stetim94?


How did you convert the image to text? I don't think you missed anything


The image was almost identical to my code, so I pasted my code, then edited it to be exactly the same as theirs, then I pointed out the errors.


That is time consuming, i will just wait until code get posted :smile: