Problem linking stuff

First I am new to HTML CSS and JS.
I am currently learning by creating a resume website. I have a folder called website, inside website are folders called images, css, script and pdf. Also inside website are the files index.html and about_me.html.

Is this the correct code to link about_me.html to a js file called slideshow in the script folder

<script type="text/JavaScript" src="/script/slideshow.js"></script>

MIME types in attributes are never capitalized or written in trademark form. Lowercase only.

Far too often we see learners speaking of websites when the focus is on web documents. HTML is the language of the web only because it is the markup of the documents that are transmitted over the web. A webpage is not a website. It is a document.

Be sure we are clear on that. ML means markup language which is a means of tokenizing document fragments and giving them special meaning. This is the realm of semantics which learning will discover amongst the various new elements found in the HTML5 recommendations.



Thank you for your response. And thank you for that link. That portion of the code has been corrected.
I did find the error, It was in the JavaScript file and the way it was linked to the photos.


// Image List
	images[0] = "/images/image1.jpg";
	images[1] = "/images/image2.jpg";
	images[2] = "/images/image3.jpg";

was fixed by

// Image List
	images[0] = "images/image1.jpg";
	images[1] = "images/image2.jpg";
	images[2] = "images/image3.jpg";

Again thanks for your response

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