Problem-ish at Lesson 4 : Check yourself!


Hi all, i type the followings codes:-

I still get a pass, but to me it seems the "if len(.....)" should be above print original. Now it looks weird

Now when the enter the command, the console still print out "empty" while i have input words in it. Anyone got any ideas?........



Now it looks how many characters original contains and then prints 'empty' if there's more than 0 characters in it. You actually want to only print empty if there's 0 characters in it instead; so change that to == 0 and remove the print original above the if statement.

The print original probably is the reason why the exercise still counts as passed as it only checks whether or not the word has been printed out instead of checking that it only prints out the word.


thx man, after i read through it, i noticed the "print original" and "print empty" should switch their position tgt.