Problem is "now" is not defined


her is my code . problem is "now" is not defined?????

def the_flying_circus():
if new >= 5 and new <=10: # Start coding here!
return "im so new"# Don't forget to indent
# the code inside this block!
elif new (True or False):
return "this is not easy"
return "Bring out your dead"

print theflyingcircus(9) 
print theflyingcircus (True)
print theflyingcircus (13)

BIG IF....Giving Big troubles

The function does not take any parameters so don't include one in the call expression:

print the_flying_circus()

Be sure the call expression matches the function you are calling.

The variable new is not defined, which means you have not created it before referring to it.

new = 5

is a definition statement that assigns the value 5 to the new variable.


thx for helping
I replaced the line with new = 5
it still says the same thing.
unless I misinterpreted your instructions


That was just an example of a variable definition.

def the_flying_circus():
    new = 5
    if new >= 5:
        return True
    elif new < 10 or new * 2 == 10:
        return True
        return True

This is almost a pointless exercise except that we get practice with logical and comparison operators and Boolean types in an if statement. Anything will pass so long as the included operators are in the code and it returns True.

The code itself can be nearly anything. Play around with this and keep practicing with different configurations. The solution is not what is important, but what you learn and are able to take away from this exercise.


once again thank you so much for the help and the lil diagram thing you sent it realy did help.
iv been stuck here about two hours haha but thanks again.