Problem installing sqlite3

Thank you @patrick1238558746048!
That seems to have solved the problem very easily. How did you know to do this?

Thanks, again!

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I read something on the internet that the problem is related to compatibility problems of node and sqlite so I thought about just using a newer version of sqlite instead of deinstalling node and downloading an earlier node version. Other codecademy-projects seem to already have a newer sqlite version included in package.json!


Thanks for letting me know.

Can you help me? How did you fix it?

This worked for me as well.

made guide here

Thank you Patrick. You saved me.

I just run these to codes:

npm install


npm install sqlite3

After it the problem solved.

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Nailed it. Thanks!

There are still a lot of vulnerabilities (66 for me) but running npm audit fix fixed most of them for me.

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At the time I’m writing this (7/10/2020), the latest version of Node is 14.3.0, but the version of sqlite3 npm tries to install by default is 4.2.0, which only supports up to Node 13. Fortunately, there is a sqlite3 5.0.0 that does support Node 14 available – you just need to tell npm to install it using:

npm install sqlite3@5.0.0

According to the release notes, this latest version of sqlite3 drops support for versions of node older than 10. If you intend to upgrade to it, make sure your Node is an appropriate version as well.

Thank you for this, Saved me a lot

This worked perfectly for me on a Mac, thanks!

Thanks mate, this solved it!

PATRICK THANK YOU! I just wrote an issue about this. Glad I kept searching.

And I encountered such a problem with the sqlite3. I solved it when manually uninstalled sqlite3 and install it again. Only this package.

npm uninstal sqlite3
npm install sqlite3
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Just verifying that the fix still works (today is 19 Oct 2020). As suggested above I updated the package-json file to list the current version fo sqlite (v5.0.0) and reinstalled sqlite3.

It works fine with the current recommended LST version of NODE.JS (v12.19), so there’s no need to upgrade your NODE.JS to v.14.

Thank you so much Patrick! It worked for me too! Awesome :slight_smile:

Hey y’all! I had the same issue.

I found a solution on GitHub ( and

In my case, I took the following steps (on a Mac):
1. npm uninstall sqlite3
2. npm --force cache clean
3. sudo npm install sqlite3

I do not recommend downgrading your Node version, as that could have security stability risks.

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It states on the npm site,, that sqlite3 v5.0.0 is supported by * Node.js v11.x, v12.x, v13.x and v14.x.
So I ended up updating node to v14.15.1 (latest update as of Nov 2020) and then changing the package.json file to read
“sqlite3”: “^5.0.0”,
before running npm install again.
Problem solved.

My joy runneth over:

it worked for me too on mac. did anyone look through the audit at the remaining issues?
im looking now

Thank you Patrick Numbers!