Problem installing Miniconda

Hello, so I followed the Python installation process from here: Installing Python worked fine but installing Miniconda for Windows did not. I did all the steps correctly but when typing “conda list” it doesn’t find anything unlike with Python. I do however have the Anaconda prompt so something must have been installed. The version I’ve downloaded is the very first from here: I have Python 3.8.0, is that maybe the problem because Miniconda only has version 3.7?

Very probable yes. If Miniconda does not support python 3.8 it will very certainly not work.

If you do get the anaconda prompt you most likely only have to downgrade to python 3.7.

Thanks for your answer. I have now downgraded to Python 3.7. but unfortunately the problem is still here. The thing is when I type conda list in the Anaconda prompt it works just fine but when I do the same with a Command prompt it doesn’t work…

Most likely you either installed python on the wrong path or the command prompt is opened on the wrong path.

Could you tell me what kind of error you are getting ?

Sure, this is what I get: The command “conda” is either misspelled or
could not be found.

If you’re on a computer that uses Windows, you may have to first navigate to the folder where you installed Miniconda for the conda list command to function properly. Use the cd command to navigate to \miniconda2\scripts or \miniconda3\scripts and run the command from that directory.