Problem installing Jupyter notebook

Trying to install Jupyter notebook. I have minicondo and I have python install yet nothing I do following the steps allows me to install jupyter notebooks. I am on Windows 10 if that makes a difference. Can anyone help me?

in cmd type ‘install jupyter’

Tried that multiple times I receive error install is not recognized as internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

If you’re using miniconda then you’d want conda install. For jupyter notebook see their install guidance (notebook is the second one down)-

Oh wow, that worked thank you, so that worked. Used the code for conda and install juypter but now what? I thought it would open up the program in the browser?

There’s a link on that same page for guidance on running it, but jupyter notebook should then open the program in your browser.

I followed their steps it doesn’t work. My command prompt still doesn’t work and neither did the conda. I am confused here.

Nevermind figured it out. I forgot to put in the backslash behind the file name. Thank you all for your help. Now I can work on this loop project.