Problem in installing biopython


I am learner of python and currently i am getting problem in installing biopython.when i runs it to install it says version python version 3.5 is required which was not found in registry. i have installed python 3.5 and have 32 bit window. please help me.

I’d try installing it with pip which is included in CPython

$ pip install biopython

If pip is not in your PATH then you might need to open a command line window in the directory where pip is, that’ll be somewhere in the Python installation directory.

Otherwise google the registry problem, maybe it’s fixable, or reinstall Python/NumPy, or try with Python 3.4

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I am following your instruction and through pip I did but it gives me error “unable to find vcvarsall.bat” . please let me know what I do

This is where I tell you to use google rather than ask me to google for you.
Both the registry thing and your missing file is something others have already encountered, asked about, and had answers to.

You’ve got fairly small obstacles for both installing the binaries (registry problem), and for compiling it yourself (vcvarsall.bat) both of them are most likely not difficult to google through.

A third route, even though you don’t really need a third, is using linux instead, these things often come easier there.

Googling will tell you to install visual studio to get a compiler. If that’s overkill, go back to trying to fix the registry. Or use linux where installing this is a single command and that’s the end of it