Problem in exercise 6



When I do the exercise 6 of Redirection, when I do the second instruction "cat volcanoes.txt | wc | cat > islands.txt", the green check didn't appeared and I can't continue. Why? How I can to continue the lesson?

Thank you!


I don't see anything wrong with that command. Try refreshing/reloading the web page?


I have the same problem,
The | don't appear with "alt Gr" + "6".
I try with visual keybord, it doesn't work.

Copy paste doesn't work ...

Please help me xD


I'm having a similar problem. I'll try to output islands.txt using cat (step 3), so I'll type: cat < islands.txt

I get the three numbers as output, but it would check me off. Any suggestions?


Have you tried this yet:

cat islands.txt


pwd home/ccuser/workspace/ i belive this is the command but will let me go on


pwd : this means "print working directory", it will print the name of the directory that you are in right now.

I'm not sure what command it is that you are looking for. What is the instruction asking you to do?


sill having prombles with excercise 6 with pwd/home/ccuser/workspce will not talk command so i can not go on you see


That isn't a valid command. What are trying to get the terminal to do?


maybe you should add spaces between the" | "and so on
so like this cat volcanoes.txt | wc | cat > islands.txt


Are the spaces not visible to you? They look fine to me.


I need help with 6.1 exercise. I have refresh the page several times and still getting the same message.

$ cat volcanoes.txt | wc
cat: volcanoes.txt: No such file or directory

I have entered the info several times and keep getting "No such file or directory". What am I doing wrong?

Thank you!


If the file is not there, we can check to make sure that we are in the right place.

We've already covered the following two commands, give them a try and report back.

First, where are you now: pwd
Next, what other files and directories are here: ls -la