Problem in codecademy syntax


I am learning from codecademy but i also make my own programs in a different compiler to practice what i have learned. I have found that many tactics that we use here give error there. For ex, “()” these parentheses are not used with print statement here but if i don’t use them in there the program gives error. Can anybody explain this.


codecademy uses python 2. In python 3 you need to add parentheses around the value to be printed but in python 2 parentheses are not necessary.


ah, but then why haven’t codecademy updated it to py3, isn’t it best to teach the latest one, or is there no major difference in py2 and py3


Well for starters, python isn’t exactly backwards-compatible.
Little changes can break everything, so it’s not as simple as running the update and voila.
It’d take a complete course overhaul, which takes time and money, and they’ve had to work on other projects.

Besides, Python 2 is battled-tested, and there are advantages to using it.

You can find out more here:


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