Problem Accessing Jupyter

I’ve installed Python and Jupyter but am getting a “command not found” error when I type “jupyter notebook” into the terminal.

I know I successfully installed Python because when I check the version it returns “Python 3.7.4”. And I think I installed Jupyter successfully because when I tried to reinstall it using “python3 -m pip install jupyter” it return a number of “requirement already satisfied” messages. However, when I actually type “jupyter notebook” in the terminal I get the “command not found” error.

Am I missing something? Is there something else I need to do to access it?

EDIT: I should also add that I checked and am in the directory that contains the notebook I want to open. Sorry if I’m missing something obvious but just seems like it should be working and am pretty frustrated that it isn’t.

When you type a name into your terminal, where does it search for that name? Does the package you installed include an executable file, where is that file? Is that location part of where your terminal will search?

Also, similar to pip being an executable module, jupyter may be too, and if so then you can run it the same way as you’re running pip.


Thanks. I think I initially installed Python3 via Mini Conda. Not sure why it wouldn’t work with that but I went back and installed Anaconda and now it works.

You installed it somewhere not in the search path of your terminal, and also didn’t invoke it directly. I’m sure it’d work if it was actually run. Similar to clicking on empty space on the desktop even though nothing was installed there and no shortcut was created, it’s up to the user to put something there or click somewhere else.