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I need support with my Pro account, but there is no way to contact a live person via help. I see no direct messaging like promised in the video. In addition, there is no way to reset my Python courses. I sent an email to Code Academy last week, but never heard back. Since there is no direct support, I am considering cancelling unless my account is fixed. I need to be able to use all the features I paid for.

Try disabling ad block. It has caused problems before, if you still cant see the message icon try using a different browser.
I’ll try to find the post.

EDIT: This post should help.

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Or @CommunityManagers could help.

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Hey Robert,

Are you using an adblocker? You’ll probably need to disable it to see the chat. It’s a question mark in the lower-right corner of the webpage :slight_smile:

Are you talking about resetting individual exercises, which all users can do, or resetting the entire course, which not even Pro users can do (although an Advisor might be able to)?

Woops @alexcraig beat me answering :slight_smile:

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If only we had a ‘moderator is typing’ feature hey :wink:


Thanks so much for getting back to me! You kept me in the community. I had a moment of doubt where I thought it was a clever scheme.Glad to be wrong on that one…


No problem, glad you stayed :smiley:
Just tag me or post over in the Pro category if you ever have troubles again :slight_smile:


Thank you for solving!

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