Pro Trial Cancelation

Hi I was in the middle of canceling my trial membership today and I just got charged the full amount. I say full amount because I wasn’t even given the discount for 2020 that was applied during the initial setup. I’ve already opened up multiple tickets on the help center but haven’t heard back. Is there anything I can do I really can’t afford to pay for the Pro Membership even with the 2020 discount

Hi @object9983659677, and welcome to the forums.

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do here on the forum in relation to billing issues. You’ve already done the correct thing, though, by raising a ticket in the Help Centre.

Someone ought to get back to you soon, but it can take a little while for tickets to get a response.

If you haven’t had an update to your ticket in 48 hours, please come back and let us know. :slight_smile: