Pro Path when the account switch from pro to regular

Hello everyone,

I have a simple question, do we still have access to a COMPLETED Pro path and their project when our account switch from PRO to Regular account ?

Because, I don’t really saved all the exemple project for every Lessons like HTTP etc etc so I have to know…

Thanks you by advance for your answer


Hi there, welcome to the forums.

As I understand it, if your Pro subscription runs out you will lose access to all Pro content - so any Pro-only quizzes and projects will be inaccessible if you only have a free account.

If you want to keep the projects you built as part of a Pro path, like the Web Development path, then you should make sure to save a copy of your code to your computer before your subscription runs out. :slight_smile:



thank you @thepitycoder for your answer.

So I guess I have to take one day to check every project in a Pro Path to see if I have made a copy of it then :smiley:


I think some of the projects are designed to be done “off platform”, so you may well have a copy of those already.

Also, it’s worth keeping in mind that you can regain access to any Pro material - projects, quizzes etc - at any point in the future by re-subscribing to Pro; your work isn’t deleted when the subscription lapses. :slight_smile: