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I’m quite new here and apologise if I’m overriding any rules and policies.

I joined CodeAcademy Pro member and started learning Python. My intention is to go for Machine Learning and Data Science both later, once I get comfortable with Python.

What I noticed that CodeAcademy has much detailed and better version of coding, in the form of Intensive Program. Moreover, I could see more choice to choose courses available in intensive and each course covered in many details and has better contents.

When I look at my Pro membership, I don’t see Python for Machine Learning/Data Analysis or even if you look at Learn Python Course in Intensive section, it has better and wider content, which regular Python regular course in Pro membership doesn’t have.

Why there’s discrimination? Moreover, we can’t keep on spending $199 for each course, when we already spent a similar amount to become a Pro member.

Why does there’s discrimination exist in term of content? Can’t similar content made available to Pro Members to learn at their own pace?

Highly disappointed.



Hey Atul, thanks for looking for clarification between our offerings. We’re sorry for the confusion. I worked with my colleagues here on Support and on Curriculum Strategy to get you an answer.

The main difference between Pro Intensives and Codecademy Pro Subscription is the delivery of the content. The reason for the difference is to reach individual learners how they learn.

If you are a learner who likes to work through the content at your own pace, a Pro subscription would be right for you.

On the other hand, if you are a learner who likes to work with a small group of individuals and prefers a set-time for project review, I would recommend the Pro Intensives. Our Pro Intensive courses offer a Slack workspace for your cohort, a Slack moderator to ask questions to, and a professional project review.

It’s important to note that while the learning experience differs between the Pro Intensive courses and the courses available in a Pro subscription, the content is very similar! The content covered in the Pro Intensive Programming with Python is the same that is covered in Learn Python 3 (available with a Pro subscription). The same can be said for the Intensive Machine Learning Fundamentals and the course Machine Learning (available with a Pro subscription).

The Data Science Path will also contain all of the items you mentioned and we believe would be a great place for you to start as well.

Does this answer your questions?


This is very confusing to new users

I’m from India & don’t see Pro Intensives option at all.

Please be more transparent with your offerings

Hey @boardninja36899, thank you for the feedback. I can absolutely see how this is confusing because this thread contains references to a content type we no longer offer. The current offerings can be found here:

I hope this helps,

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