Pro Intensive Course

Hi there,

Today is the day my pro intensive course is supposed to start but when I log in the learning environment doesn’t load, I see nothing but a grey screen.

I have tried of several computers and with different browsers. Is anyone else experiencing this? Is this a code academy issue?


I am having the same issue and have also tried several computers. It’s a bit disconcerting given that have just paid $199. I also asked a question in the help section almost 3 hours ago but no reply yet.
This may well be a code academy issue. Really hope they resolve this soon!

Similar issue. Most of the first lesson will load for me with the exception of the code editor. Eventually get a message that says “lost connection to Codecademy.” Imagine it’s just a system thing because their Paypal payment processor was down last week, but it stinks that it’s down at the start of a course!

Can’t get to the first lesson. Environment just won’t load.
Any luck anyone?