Pro Codecademy content remains locked

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On Tuesday, I bought the pro Codecademy. On my credit card, the
payment is pending and awaiting approval from Codecademy, but on thursday it
appeared ok.

However the Pro Codecademy content remains locked.

Please, someone could verify because it is blocked? The amount has been deducted from my card but I am still without access.

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@CommunityManagers, take a look at this please?


Hi Felipe,

Please see here.

Thank you :green_heart:

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Hi Zainab,

I send an email on Tuesday and another on Thursday, but not yet received an answer.

thank you

Hi jibblyj,

I try too, thanks

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Hi Felipe,

I’m sorry to hear, I will see what I can do :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot for the help :thumbsup:


Hi Felipe, sorry to hear you’re having issues signing up for Pro!

We’ve replied via our Pro Customer Support address to the message you sent us early today (~2am), so keep an eye out! Unfortunately, I couldn’t find an email from Tuesday, but we should be able to get this squared away via my recent reply.

If you have any other question, you can look through our help page



Hi Daniella,

Thanks for help, I saw your email today.

I will try to re-sign the Pro, on Monday.

The Codecademy has helped me a lot in learning new programming languages. And now I want to make the projects.




I’m having the same issue, i paid for the pro version and in my bank account it shows it was processed but yet all the projects is locked. I’ve contacted the pro customer support but didnt really get an answer. I hope someone can help ASAP.

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