Pro certificates

Hi ! i was wondering , when you upgrade to pro , will you automatically get certificates for all the courses you completed previously or would you have to redo the courses again in order to get the certificate?


I believe that the majority of the courses here, including the free ones, contain certain elements which are only available to Pro users so I suspect that even if you have “completed” a course there would be additional work required to gain the certificate.

If you mean you’ve previously completed all the course as a Pro subscriber, but have cancelled and are now considering subscribing again, then your progress ought to have been retained so if you were previously eligible for a certificate of completion then that ought to still be available*.

(* Obviously if the course has changed, say to include additional material, then you may still have gaps…)


When I upgraded from free to Pro, I went back to the free courses that I had previously completed and now the projects and quizzes were available. Once you complete those you are awarded the certificate. It was not necessary to retake the previously completed coursework, just the Pro only sections.

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