Prints and puts


how do you do prints and puts?


Just use the codes normally.

like this:

puts "How are you?"

print "'im fine. How about you?"

Remember to dont use the symbol '=' after the code. 'Print' and 'Puts' not request to use this symbol.


Prints and Puts
I used this
puts "What's up?"
print"Oxnard Montalvo"

The output is adding a nil to the end, any clue please?

The output I am getting is :
What's up?
Oxnard Montalvonil


Hey did you find why it keeps adding nil at the end of your result?


I haven't heard anything from anyone. Trying to see if I can find it. It's really annoying.


I think it's because it's setup to automatically print the values of variables etc. without the print/puts command, so when it has nothing to automatically print it will just say "nil".

It actually just automatically prints the last line and nothing else. So if the last line isn't a variable or something it will print "nil".


Thank you for your response