Printing to the module on many topics?

I’m working on

and the code SOLUTION is

def contains(big_string, little_string):
return little_string in big_string

def common_letters(string_one, string_two):
common =
for letter in string_one:
if (letter in string_two) and not (letter in common):
return common

ive seen a few codes like this- how come nothing is being printed to the module? I can’t really learn unless I can see an example if things being printed to the module but the solution doesn’t offer code with print. I tried to print the various variables but nothing is really working for me…

I’ve ran into this problem on the exercise before this and I couldn’t get the module to print- true or false… im a newbie at this and would like to just see the functions work so that they actually print something to the module?

I think it’s sort of a ‘no news is good news’ approach. So, if you don’t see any error messages and it lets you move on, then you can be confident you’ve done it right.
Usually, there’s nothing stopping you from calling the functions yourself.
And also, remember that once you’ve got all the blue ticks you don’t need to click on next straightaway. You can keep playing around with the code and hitting run as many times as you want.

So, for instance, you could add;
print(contains(“blahblahblah”, “h”)
to the bottom of your code and see if it works as you expected.

hope that helps and have fun