Printing and variables and my head and eyes are going to explode


hi, just to lighten everyone's mood, i have about 4 hours to finish what a lesson said would take a total of four hours, but has taken me a week, and my head and eyeballs want to pop out of my skull...
but, i am having fun, and doing what i love, so what the hey, hang in their friends!


Do you need some help on a particular lesson and some aspirin? :smiley: or are you just trying to be an encouragement to others that are also stuck?


both bibleman! both! I am on Printing and Variables, and I think I just need a break, but I may be getting back to you soon for some real help... Thank you! Beverly


Well even if I am not around there are plenty of moderators help deskers and other willing to help ya so you don't have to go see your doctor for migraines haha Sometimes being stuck on a problem can be good while other times being stuck can be a real pain so don't wait to use the best resource you have! the forums! :smiley:


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