Prime Directive project, bug need help :(

Oh, I saw just my “Hi” printing out to see if it’s working. And I wanted to see my array to print out, not the “Hi”.

You wanted the array to print out.
Which part of your code does that?

You could write code to that effect. Excellent suggestion.
I still don’t see you use javac, maybe codecademy uses it for you but please write it yourself, write this to run it:

javac && java PrimeDirective

That way you are both compiling and running.
Use up arrow to repeat.

Well I tried doing


because “numbers” is the name of the array, but it still doesn’t work only “hi” prints out.

…well, did you compile it?
You can also write out the file in the terminal to double check that the change has reached the disk:

$ cat

Okay when I put “javac && java PrimeDirective” in the terminal and I get an error class interface

and yes, I did “cat” and it showed all the code I wrote

So what was your most recent change to cause that?
Except, you don’t know that it was your most recent change because you didn’t run it right before making it, you were failing to run it. So does undoing (commenting out perhaps) the change fix the problem?

So you want me to remove the “Hi”
And if that what you want it’s just showing me that there are an error and interface. :neutral_face:

Why is this so hard, why can’t I get anything right.

Here’s what it looks like when I’m doing what I’m trying to get you to do.

Uhm. Skip forwards like 50 secs because that’s just me setting up.

I’m running it any time I change anything whatsoever, giving me feedback on what I just wrote.

Ohh, I guess I can kinda see what I did wrong, I’m still a bit confused, but I think I can try on my own now. Thanks for the help and advice. :slight_smile: